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Success is a Way of Living

Much like life in general throughout your 20’s; my definition of success has changed a million times over in the past decade.

At 20 years old success to me meant that people ‘thought’ I was living the life.
Downtown apartment, new designer clothing, no line-ups for my girlfriends and I at the hottest nightclub - Sex and the City was the image and validation was everything. If people were envious of you, you felt successful.
Oh, how that get’s old quick.

At 25 years old I thought living with your boyfriend, having a steady job with a flashy title and company vehicle, and working towards future and marriage was success. I was still hung up on an image, but also thought it was for the right reasons.
The thing is, if you aren’t happy in your relationship and you don’t like your job – isn’t that a one way ticket to an unsuccessful life?

At 29, I am the owner of my own company. It is a roller coaster every single day that provides me with the highest highs, and the lowest lows. I am not married with flashy wheels, I haven’t gone shopping in as long as I can remember, I still have a roommate… but I feel the most successful I have in my entire life. 

Financial freedom, someone to share my life and start a family with, and working in a job I love everyday are all things I want in my life, and I know I will get them.
The difference now is: I love myself first. 
My 20’s roller coaster ride of skewed views in what success really is and learning many very hard life lessons - has today made me the best possible version of myself.   

I love the life I have created for myself, and appreciate the lessons that have shaped me. Allowing relationships that do not serve my happiness or compliment my lifestyle, or frivolously spending money to create an image I have not worked hard for, are things that I would never allow in my life now.

Success to me now is knowing that nothing can bend your morals. It’s knowing who you are, what you stand for and always living that way. 
Success to me now is having positive, happy, supportive people in your life who love you unconditionally every day.
Success to me now is following your passions and working towards goals.
Success to me now is making someone else’s life better with the love and gifts you have to offer.

The best part is I know as I accomplish my goals, grow and flourish in my career and in my relationships – it will be for the right reasons fueled happiness and true success. 
You really can’t beat that, can you?




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