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Last week, I sent a similar message in our daily email to my current clients. The response was overwhelming, in that one simple foundation could re-direct the way Pretty-Eaters are living the life they desire.
The statement is one of my favorites to say in Living Pretty Seminars, and the foundation is really quite simple.

A sound mind, and a healthy body are the foundations to greatness.

I truly believe this with everything that I am. This is not to say great things can’t happen to you at any moment – because they can and you should always be expecting the next wonderful moment. I just think it’s much more difficult to hold on to a great thing when you aren’t in a healthy state.

One example could be relationships. A romantic partner is a blessing and one of the ultimate ‘feel goods’ in this world. However, if you give up everything you are to spend time with that person, stop taking care of or loving yourself by falling into the ‘comfort zone’ trap of bad food choices and letting go of your appearance, or anything else that sends a relationship into a downward spiral such as arguments, jealousy and being controlling – all of the sudden, you find your ultimate ‘feel good’ not feeling so good at all. You lose yourself, and the spark.
Or, maybe it’s a career blessing that falls into your lap. You are handed a great opportunity to make huge moves and money – but for some reason you are lethargic, demotivated, dislike a co-worker or two, live off coffee and the nearest drive-through for fuel. 
Suddenly the respect you feel you deserve in the job isn’t there, the raise didn’t happen or the client wasn’t landed. You are out of shape, tired, and hate your job.

Do one or both of these sound familiar? 
Love and money seem to the biggest stressors for the everyday person. One or both are burdening most people, most of the time.
But what about looking at both these examples and seeing how you could do something different instead of placing blame?

Are you contributing to your healthy body by following the principles of Eating Pretty, getting in your daily physical activity, and are you getting your minimum of 64oz of pure fresh water a day?
Are you contributing to a sound mind by using proper communication to talk out your challenges with those you love and work with? Are you self-reflecting on what you can change to make a situation better instead of pointing fingers at your opponent(s)?
Try reading, meditation, setting a new personal goal outside of love and the way you make your living, or spending time with people who bring you up and make you smile, and learning to let go of those energy vampires who add negativity to your life.

If you think about it, these are all small, enjoyable actions that can only do one thing – make you feel happy. In turn happiness will be reflective in your love, living and all areas of life.
Taking care of your body and respecting yourself changes everything. It opens up new opportunities, and keeps you growing in the current ones.

Does this resonate with you, Pretty-Eater? Write out your story and share it anonymously to inspire others going through the same thing. We will feature it on the site, and in our daily message.
It’s a great release, and a great way to contribute to your ‘sound mind’ category.
send to: inspired@eatingpretty.com


If you are not a member, join us! Our Detox Challenge program focus' on weight loss and cleansing your entire life to achieve greatness.  


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