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Small Efforts Make Big Changes!

I have always been a big dreamer. I own over 20 domain names of businesses I hope to bring to fruition one day, I make dream boards, write out my goals weekly, and always have about 20 different opportunity pots sitting on my stove.
However, over the last 6 months, I was feeling as though none of my opportunity pots seemed to be boiling. Incredible ideas, expanding networks and so many other key elements on my side – yet, in every area of my life I sort of felt ‘stuck’.

My entire 20’s I have been a victim of  ‘all or nothing’ syndrome. I go full tilt on a new idea and nothing will stop me until I achieve it, or something more awesome catches my attention. While I think clear-cut goals and working towards things you are passionate about are keys to happiness in life, I have also learned that extreme in anything is not healthy. On the other end when I am frustrated at the ‘pots-not-boiling’ I find I fall into mini-ruts where I’m less than motivated at work, relationships and with my own health.

In my last year of my 20’s I have made it a promise to myself to learn balance in all areas of life. That means in work, love, taking care of my health, new projects, and fun times – everything needs to be fairly balanced. I can’t ignore my social life and bury myself in work, or get excited about a new project and stop my daily gym routine.
Small efforts everyday in all areas of my life - instead of my usual turbo-charging of one important thing until I burn my passion for it out, lose interest or get frustrated because I am lacking in other life areas.

In promising myself to learn and achieve balance I started doing ‘The Daily Pretty’ checklist in my life. Each day I have a list of 6 things that I need to include to feel like I have achieved my day of balance:


  1. Start my day with a 30 minute workout
  2. Touch base with current clients
  3. Put out an ad, newsletter or another action to attract new business
  4. Pack my lunch and eat pretty at the office
  5. Work on a project I am excited about that doesn’t bring me income (yet) for one hour of my day – writing my book, blog, reading, updating my websites etc.
  6. Some type of social interaction. Lucky for me I share an office with my best friend, but I also try to do something additional such as a phone call to a friend, go on a date, make dinner with my girls, visit my family or write an email to someone I miss. Something to show the people I love that they matter as much as my work and passions.

Living in this checklist has changed my life incredibly. It keeps me to be focused and not overwhelmed. It leaves me feeling happy, healthy and satisfied with the efforts I put into all areas of life that are important to me.
The small efforts I have been making in all areas of my life have resulted in dramatic differences.

It’s funny because I used to think in order to accomplish something I needed to have tunnel vision to that one thing. For example; if I wanted to get fit for summer and lose those extra winter pounds – I would go mental. Weighing and measuring meals, cardio twice a day, lifting weights until I couldn’t see, no social life, and a whole lot of stress. I was unhappy. Yes, I would achieve my goal rather quickly – but then rebound and damage my body and metabolism by reverting to my old ways, from one extreme to the other.

I have now learned that I love myself and my body the best when I have an enjoyable work out daily, eat pretty 80% of the time and just not stress when it’s time to indulge. I’ve learned in business that I don’t get sick of certain areas, make more sales and have better relationships with my clients if I make equal efforts in all areas of work – and still keep room for new business ideas, projects and passions. In my relationships, I now make time for the people I love even if work is slammed.

My small 6 daily efforts have helped me to love my body, my job, my life and myself. In turn I’m healthy, getting more business, and the best part is, all of my opportunity pots are coming to a boil at once! It's incredibly rewarding.

I challenge you this week to make your own checklist of the ‘The Daily Pretty’ that is best suited to your life and current goals. Don’t make anything too extreme. Small actions daily lead to big things. A daily effort that feels enjoyable instead of pain for gain will bring you the same results – except instead of one turbo-charged area, you get it all :)


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