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Don't Hook Up With Chickens When You Are an Eagle!

This Monday I was blessed enough to attend Oprah’s Life Class live in Toronto. It featured her ‘Spiritual Squad’ of Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Ilyana Vanzant, T.D Jakes, and of course Oprah herself.

I love live music and concerts so much; it’s definitely one of my favorite past-times. But a show including this dream-team, each who have inspired me to change my life, take risks, open my heart and free my mind ...tops any rock show I could ever imagine.
These people are my idols, mentors, and live the life I aspire and work so hard everyday to achieve. It was like Christmas morning for me. I woke up multiple times throughout the night out of sheer excitement and fear of missing my 5:20am alarm.

It was possibly one of the most inspirational days of my life, but it was also one of the most transitional. By transitional I mean I literally feel like it pushed me into realizing major changes I need to make in my life, in order to achieve the next level of greatness.

T.D. Jakes was the first to spell out this message when he began his chat oddly, speaking of chickens. He spoke of chickens’ small wings, that barely ever get them 5 feet off the ground, and that is in the height of their excitement. He told us of their squawking and pecking. He told us that chickens are known to eat corn, rocks, sticks… and what they excrete.
At this point I had zero clue about where he was going with this.
He then related chickens to humans that drag you down. They never fly, they cause issues with their ‘squawking and pecking’ because they have nothing better to do, and even at the height of their motivation, they can’t fly. But most importantly, they recycle their excretions. Things that they should let go of, they eat up as fuel, digest and repeat. It’s incredibly toxic not just for the chickens – but as the metaphor in relation to human beings as well. They never let go of their Sh*t!

T.D then spoke of eagles, and how they fly high above every other species. They have a wingspan of 9 feet. When there is a storm, it pushes them faster and higher.  They eat high in the sky and they even mate in the air. Why was he telling us that eagles mate while flying? He told us it’s because they want to be sure they don’t hook up with any chickens. I love it!

The message was not to get mixed up with people who are and always will live their life a level, or many levels below their potential. Don’t hang around those who focus on petty problems day in and day out, don’t give your heart to someone who causes you the same issues or is scared of greatness, and don’t waste your energy on small issues, when this life is meant for flying. 

I looked at my best friend Claire and said; “Crap, I think I need to cut a few chickens.” We both laughed. But the thing is, I have more chickens in my life then I’d like to admit.  I love to love, and I hold on to people who are no longer serving me, or who feed me a whole bunch of recycled issues, way longer than needed. I’ve always been this way. It holds me back in love, business, and new opportunity. The transition for me in this was realizing I will never reach my potential if I don’t cut the crap!
Whether it is a toxic friendship, dating situation, or relationship – you are what you associate yourself with. You never soar if you are dragged down by negative energy.


The other transitional moment for me was running into Deepak Chopra backstage. He had just spoken moments before and I was literally still shaking with excitement.
I walked right up to him and told him how amazing he was.
His reaction surprised me. He replied, “You were watching?” when I said yes of course, he turned his head to say “Did you like it? Did you understand the message?” I then pulled out my phone with notes and showed him how into it I was. We continued to speak about his message, and I felt in a way as if I was reassuring him that what he said spoke to me. Young, 20-something, bubbly and excited… I wasn’t just there for Oprah.
This inspired another transition. It showed me we are all the same. Spiritual master, 65 best sellers, speaking to 8,000 people on Oprah Winfrey’s stage – and there was still a level of insecurity in hopes that his deep messages would speak to everyone. It showed me we are each on the same playing field. What my mentors feel, I feel and what they achieve, I can too.

Transition can be a physical change, it can be a mental switch and it can be learning to look at the picture in a broader way. Whatever it is, when a transitional moment comes knocking on your door, listen to the message and learn from it. Use it’s power to propel you higher like an eagle.

“The only true belief, is the power of infinite possibilities” – Deepak Chopra at Oprah’s Life Class in Toronto.


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