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Live the Life of Your Dreams

fear and finances


My message to every girl:

Most importantly, love yourself first. Everyone else can wait.
Follow your heart and never, ever ignore your inner voice.
Dream big, laugh daily, love freely, cry, make mistakes, learn and never give up.
Don't be a follower, stand up for what you believe in even if it means going against the pack.
Get ahead by being nice, helping others and never going against your moral code.
Smart is beautiful. Work hard. Try not to control an outcome, just know the best is on it's way. Appreciate the lessons even when nothing seems to go your way, because everything happens for a reason. Trust yourself, inspire others to be great and get clear about your goals.

Anything in this world is achievable. It's up to you to design the life you live. No one can hand you happiness, you need to create it in your own life. Don't let fear ever get in the way of chasing what you want. Dream so big that they laugh at you. Use your spirit, drive, compassion and kindness to achieve it, so you can show them anything is possible.

Live the life of your dreams.


CHALLENGE #2 for Social Media for Good

Answer this question: 

If fear and finances were not an object - what would your life look like?


What are your wildest dreams, and deepest passions? What holds you back from living them now, today and always? Fear and Finances are the top 2 excuses for anyone who is not living their purpose. Realizing what the mental blocks are in your dreams and getting clear about what you desire most are the first steps towards living your passion.
So, what would all areas of your life look like if fear and finances were not an issue? Let us know! 

Here's how to participate!

  • Tag Living Pretty in your Facebook post
  • #livingpretty on Twitter
  • Make a video and post it on our wall
  • Take a picture of you spreading good with social media and post it on our Facebook page, Tweet it to us or email it into SocialMediaforGood@livingpretty.ca
  • WANT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS? - simply send us an email, and we will post it for you without your name attached!


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