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CHALLENGE #1! April 11

Social Media for Good is ready to rock, and the first challenge is simple.

Tell us why a woman in your life is beautiful. And, we don't mean who has a killer pair of legs, or eyes to die for.
We want to hear about beauty based on drive, passion, kindness, education, philanthropy, girls who follow hearts desires and bring people up when they are down. 

What is the most beautiful attribute about a woman you love? We want to know! We will post it on our Facebook page, and possibly feature you on our website.

How can you tell us about this girl in your life who is beautiful by living pretty?
It's simple. Choose one of these options to spread Social Media for Good:

  • Tag Living Pretty in your Facebook post
  • #livingpretty on Twitter
  • Make a video and post it on our wall
  • Take a picture of you spreading good with social media and post it on our Facebook page, Tweet it to us or email it into SocialMediaforGood@livingpretty.ca
  • Simply write an email and tell us how you are participating
We can't wait to hear what you have to say about a beautiful woman in your life... and we are sure she will love it, too!

Here is an example written by Laura McNally, my sister, ambassador of all things Pretty and best friend. I love her.
She told us why many women in her life are beautiful. You can tell us about multiple women, or just one. Whatever you choose, Laura's examples are a great guideline for you all to follow.


Elizabeth: You are beautiful because your whit never seize to amaze. You are loyal and true always. You’re educated on topics I wish the whole world could grasp. You can make light of the heaviest burdens and see that no one faces them alone. You remember details that the average brain releases instantly. You have a glowing disposition that’s makes others instantly smile. This makes you beautiful!

Elena: You are beautiful because you walk through life teaching and sharing. You have a wide spectrum of knowledge and will share it with anyone who listens. Your ability to host, plan, create makes me believe you can change the world. Your family values so deep rooted make you so strong and able always. Your finishing touches on life make things all the more wonderful. This makes you beautiful!

Kirsten: You are beautiful because you never complain, ever. You work hard naturally at everything. The wanderlust in you will take you to once in a life time moments. You’re original effortlessly. You define cool. You sing along with the music that guides your soul, and dance proudly to the beat. You are true friend and will always be there. This makes you beautiful!

Laura: You are beautiful because of your strength. You are strong willed and work hard for what you want out of life. You listen and repeat things back when in a conversation. You lead. Someone who’s in your heart will have a place forever. You don’t take crap, ever. You hold onto relationships worth your while. You are fearless. This makes you beautiful!

Carolyn: You are beautiful because your positive mindset, always. You giggle. Your dream big, BIGGER then big. Your give back and pay it forward. Your persistence and charm will always get you the most for your buck. You recognize your blessings. You are genuinely happy to watch others shine. You will move mountains! This makes your beautiful!

Shaynen: You are beautiful because you don’t get pushed around. You call it as you see it and enrich people’s life by doing so. You are a natural learner and teacher. Your persistence will get you what your heart desires. You stand by the people you believe in, always. Your humor and charm makes you unforgettable. This makes you beautiful!

Renai: You are beautiful because you’re honest and true. You shoot straight from your big heart. You’re playful and make everyday fun. You set out and attain goals. You proudly talk about food that you love. You work hard at relationships you know are worth it. You dance. This makes you beautiful!

Sara: You are beautiful because you’re gentle and kind. You have morals and values that will not be broken. You help others often with your ability to listen, a rare gift. You laugh loud and it’s refreshing. Your “down home” roots keep you grounded in a crazy world. This makes you beautiful!

Angela: You are beautiful because you think big. You turn fear off and drive forward. You believe in good people. You like to have a good time. You shine bright. You enrich others life’s by sharing openly about your journey thus far. You have a clear mind and an open heart. You give great hugs. Your changing lives in a positive way every day…that’s big. This makes you beautiful!

Krista: You are beautiful because you are smart and driven. You’re a leader and a team player. You have a wonderful balance of wild nights out and snuggle up nights in. You’re passionate about music. You listen to people you love. Your loyalty will keep you surrounded by good people always. This makes your beautiful!

Kaleigh: You are beautiful because you are passionate. You respect your elders and care for others wellbeing. You bake. You like to have a good time with friends. You are smart and will do well in life. You give love and receive love well. This makes you beautiful!

Tee: You are beautiful because you are simple. You laugh lots. You exercise your brainpower and excel in the things you do. When nothing makes sense you turn to music and carry on. Your family values keep you level headed. Your luxuries in life our unique, such as concerts, sporting events and travel. This makes your beautiful!

Tori: You are beautiful because you care for others. You take an extra minute to do a good job always. You make everyday life fun. You are close to the family that raised you solid. You’re a wonderful hostess and enjoy gathering friends. You like your home and don’t mind hanging around it, that’s nice. This makes you beautiful!

Jenn: You are beautiful because you have a heart of gold. You care for everyone. You dream. Your raw family values and loyalty within will take you to great levels of love. You sing (happy people sing). You laugh hard and smile lots. You believe in true love. You have a calmness about you that reassures others things will be okay. This makes your beautiful!

Jenny: You are beautiful because you have an innocence of inside you. You’re loyal and true always. You laugh and giggle daily. You’re gentle. You’re handy and crafty. You can point out what others are good at, and appreciate talent. You have awesome family values. Simplicity inside, that the rest of the world needs. This makes you beautiful!



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