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What Is Eating Pretty?

Eating Pretty™ uses the principles of Holistic Nutrition while keeping in mind that we live in a world where "busy" and "on-the-go" are everyday terms that we have grown accustomed to in our society. We believe that anything too extreme is unattainable for today's 'do it all' kind of women and simply doesn't work!
The lessons you will learn from your Eating Pretty journey are ones that you will be able to carry with you throughout life. Our clients learn how to get their metabolisms soaring so that those special occasions where a piece of wedding cake, or a dinner date out with your man will not effect your new healthy and hot body.

Eating Pretty is not a typical weight loss program. We believe in making our clients healthy from the inside, which in turn is reflected on the outside through strong hair and nails, healthy glowing skin, toned lean muscle mass and low body fat.
Crash diets, low carbs, fasting, weight loss pills and gimmicks are not the way to achieve this. Although you may see results fast and achieve your goal weight, it is impossible to keep up any of these crash diet plans, and we promise you will leave the experience frustrated, and in the long run 10lbs or more heavier than you started.

At Eating Pretty we are women, too. And being women, we know there is always something new and exciting to plan for in life. This is why we have a program for everything us gals go through!
Anything from starting university where we help you ward off and further prevent that freshman 15, to having 'skinny arms' and a perfect glow on your wedding day, or losing the baby weight from your first child. We know these moments are all special, and very unique. That's why we offer a Package for every occasion that best suits your lifestyle at the time.
We also offer Detoxification plans and Intenese Weight Loss plans for those that need a little extra TLC.

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At Eating Pretty™ we understand that not every woman is a fitness and health guru, and that the overwhelming amount of information on the latest trends in diet and nutrition can be a one way ticket to giving up and ordering a pizza! We also understand today's pressures of attaining a fit body shape and being proactive about your health are important to every woman, and most don't have the time to be a self taught wellness expert by keeping up with the latest fads.
That's where we come in! Our Pretty Readings section features wellness articles from our team of Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Yoga/Pilates Instructors, Eating Pretty guru's, Medical field professionals, lifestyle coaches and more. They are here to weed through info and give you a no-nonsense approach to your health, body and mind. We teach you to make changes to a healthy lifestyle where simple is the answer. Love the body you live in while still enjoying real life.

Check back for our monthly updates on our Blog and Pretty Readings sections for relevant nutritional information, workout tips, lessons in yoga and meditation, educational articles, motivation from successful women and so much more.
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